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I’m excited to share regular Yoga + Astrology workshops! ✨

During these sessions, I aim to convey the energies associated with each of the signs we're touching on. Gathering together at the beginning of the astrological season which will become our focus, we'll touch on the dominant element, significant planetary transits and have an opportunity to discuss your own personal natal chart. 

It's important to note that each of us will have a relationship with all of the signs of the zodiac. Most people know what their sun sign (or "star sign") is, but your natal chart provides much greater insight.

These sessions will include ~ 

✨ Pranayam (Breathwork)

✨ Inspired Asana (Postures/Movement)

✨ Astrological Insights 

✨ Guided Meditation

✨ Sound Healing 

Dates below are pencilled for the year, I will confirm exact dates 1 month before via my Instagram Page:

Jan - 20th ♒️

Mar - 24th ♈️

May - 19th ♊️

Oct - 20th ♏️

Nov - 24th ♐️

Venue: The Old School House, Boscombe

Time: 7-8:30pm

Exchange: £15

Payment confirms your space:

Simha Yoga
Monzo Business
Sort Code: 04-00-04
Account Number: 46654931


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