In this monthly immersion, you'll practise Yoga Asana to the rhythm of The Moon, La Luna, the goddess that decorates our night sky and invokes emotional power. 

We will flow with her, filling up as she grows bigger & brighter, and slowing down as she quietens and becomes a sliver of magical mystery.

What you'll gain:


  • A weekly zoom practice with me to correlate to the moon phase that week (new, first quarter, full, last quarter). 

  • Pre-recorded video meditations in the Facebook Group.

  • A fabulous workbook which I have created with love and care ~ you can print & use it as a journal or use alongside your journal! 

  • A private Facebook group to commune with one and other, and to receive journal prompts and view pre-recorded vids.

  • Knowledge of La Luna, her phases and the signs that she spends the peaks of her phases in, during her monthly cycle. 

We will not only focus on The Moon, but also on other prominent planetary positions, transits and activity which may affect our thoughts and feelings here on Mama Earth. 

All of this valuable insight and wellness work, for an introductory price of only £20 per month!  


Get in touch using the contact form below, or on any of my social channels, to express your interest and book on to the very first monthly immersion, starting at mid-November's New Moon!

Love & Lunar Blessings ~ I cannot wait to meet you on the mat, from my home to yours, may we all be connected! 🌙

I want to immerse myself...

Thanks Lunar Love, will be in touch 😘...