• Karley

August Astro ♌︎🌝♍︎

It’s Leo season, baby! This sign encourages us to play hard and to love fiercely. It’s a great zodiacal season if you’re in need of a confidence boost and a little self-indulgence! It’s my shameless favourite as it’s my sun sign and my yoga biz namesake (Simha translates to Lion in Sanskrit, and the lion is the symbol for Leo).

Time to embody the energy of a Lion or Lioness and stroll through life with your chest pumped up, your gaze held high, and a sassy hip flick that exudes confidence and charisma.

Le Sol

The Sun is in Leo from 23rd July until 22nd Aug

Leo is ruled by none other than the Sun, the centre of our solar system. Those who’re born with the sun in Leo are said to be natural-born actors; they’re loud, proud and eccentric… sometimes a little intense or perceived as an attention seeker (ahem)...

But, remember that not everybody is loud in the obvious sense, others might use more subtle forms of expression, some might embrace their Leo nature by being a caregiver who is naturally relied upon, or perhaps simply confident in their beliefs.

Whatever your predisposition is, let Leo season provide you with the opportunity to flourish, to express proudly, and to shine brightly.

On 22nd August, The Sun shifts his butt into Virgo Season

for that re-centring dose of Earth energy that we might be in need of after nearly a month of scorching Leo vibes.

Virgo is an Earth sign who, like Gemini, is ruled by Mercury. This planetary ruling provides the ability to communicate and express creatively and clearly. Virgo is thoughtful and methodical, caring and hardworking, can sometimes be a touch over-analytical and has tendencies to get held up on the little details.

This season can see us slowing down as we move towards Autumn. Think; grounding, using your intellect and a newfound sharpness to your outlook.

La Luna

3rd August ~ Full Moon in Aquarius

The Full Moon phase is all about taking actions towards your goals, and with the moon in the sign of Aquarius, your emotions might feel like they’re running on overdrive! This air sign isn’t afraid to change the winds and tides to make things they feel passionate about, happen. With the light of the Full Moon to guide us, we’ll all be given the opportunity to put actions into place towards our most heartfelt goals.

Aquarius is a seeker of truth, a humanitarian at heart and will always stand up for what is right ~ take this energy inward and you might find that now’s the time for your inner truths to wiggle their way out to the wider world. Honesty’s the best policy, especially when we’re talking honesty with yourself.

11th August ~ Last Quarter Moon in Taurus

Feeling a bit like a welcome home, Taurus is an Earth sign who loves to get cosy, comfortable and nourish their environment. This phase of the moon is like a checkpoint to tell us to let it go, release expectations if we didn’t go in the direction that we expected after the earlier moon phases of this cycle and take the foot of the peddle if tiredness is setting in.

Taurus probably loves this last quarter phase, like a match made in heaven (er, literally?); it’s the time to chill yourself and take stock, quieten your mind and begin to wind it down. Basically, get your pyjamas on, have a bit of choccy and write in your journal! Bear in mind that burnout comes if you don’t honour yourself with this time to relax and rejuvenate, make sure that you’re taking some ‘you’ time!

19th August ~ New Moon in Leo

This phase is fun, time to set those intentions baby. In Leo, it feels like a night out dancing under the stars and doing what you want in the darkness ~ there’s no spotlight, no shame, no inhibitions.

Do your thang honey; but don’t soak up the glory unless well deserved, a tendency to hog the stage during this phase might come about and especially for those who have their Sun in Leo natally.

Remember that this phase is a time of rest, so yes, we can dance together (metaphorically speaking!) and have fun in the darkness. We can delve deep to begin sparking ideas and considering what we want to do with the coming lunar cycle, where we want to direct our energies, but inspiration might not be as forthcoming as you’d like whilst the moon is in darkness - just wait for your first quarter and full moon for your ideas to become actions and really come into their own!

25th August ~ First Quarter Moon in Scorpio

The waxing moon grows brighter and brighter with every day and night that passes; she settles in Scorpio now and we’re encouraged to turn our attention to our relationships and turn our attention away from the crappy ones that are meaningless. Scorpio really isn’t interested in fake, weak or played out relationships that don’t provide complete satisfaction and tangible connection.

The first quarter phase allows us to build on and take actions towards our goals or intentions set at the new moon; if your intentions require connection with others, now is a great time to build on such connections - be these professional or personal.

Scorpio is sexy and emotional; the desire for personal connection both physically and emotionally (because one feeds the other, right?) is high right now. Go with it, enjoy it and share the love.

Other Planetary Placements Throughout August

4th August ~ Mercury enters Leo

Following Merc’s retrograde time spent in the sign of Cancer, it’s now time for this communication planet to move on and join the sun in Leo.

Here, Mercury can enjoy sharing ideas and creations loudly and proudly! You might find that your creative energy is sparked and infused with all that is ‘Leo’. Be careful to keep listening to others as well; Leo has a tendency to be a touch ‘me me me’ and not really listen to what’s going on with others.

A time to be headstrong, but don’t be a dick about it, involve others and you might find that your ideas bloom!

7th August ~ Venus enters Cancer

Venus stationed direct after over a month of retrograde back in June, and is now moving along nicely and settling into the sign of Cancer. Here, Venus can invite us to focus on our homely relationships; she is all about love and connection and so is Cancer, so these two peas in a pod are going to get on just fine!

Take time with your loved ones, and work on whatever might have come up for you during Venus’ retrograde time (mid-May to late June) ~ this was a time of highlighting what’s up and what needs to be worked through, now’s a great time to work through that!

15th August ~ Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

Uranus stations retrograde now until the 14th January 2021, in the sign of Taurus. The peak of this retrograde will happen in October when Mercury retrograde in Scorpio sits in opposition to spark some sassy energy, as well as it’s opposition with the Sun where we’re being shone on to work through whatever it is that we need to!

Overall, this planet’s retrograde isn’t here to challenge us or change our thinking like the closer planets do, being an outer planet means that retrogrades are felt differently and are less of a time of conflict and more just a small shift, the aspects with other planets are what’s going to fuel some fire here.

Uranus is a planet of emotional freedom as well as rebellion; it rules the sign of Aquarius, so consider the energies and personal traits of your Aquarius friend to understand the qualities that this planet brings. In retrograde, think of it as an opportunity to recap or revisit, a reminder or a redo.

This Aquarius energy will be further fuelled by changemaker planet, Saturn, as well as naughty Jupiter, both moving into Aquarius in December and hanging out there for the next few years ~ this’ll bring a new wave of collective thinking and ideas, moving towards what is right and away from what is simply convenient and logical. It’ll be a time that humanitarians bloody love, people will listen. As Saturn & Jupiter form a square aspect with Uranus in December, we might find that we’re being challenged in the way that we think - again I see this as a collective challenge in order to bring greater awareness and change.

Those with their natal Sun in Taurus are going to be feeling this one; Taurian doesn’t particularly like change, so might be resistant to whatever Uranus energy delivers unto us. It’s unpredictable and inspiring, so in this earthy placement, we are being challenged to dig up our roots and lay fresh foundations for a new way of thinking and being.

Now’s a time to embrace your inner desires and take action towards that which you really care about and hold dear to your heart; Taurus is motherly and caring, inspiration to do positive work in the community might be at a high for many right now. Innovative ideas fueled by Uranus will likely be there to reveal how we can improve upon ourselves, humanity and the state of the world ~ it's big picture stuff, we are all part of the wonderful collective and each and every one of us has the ability and capacity for impactful change.