• Karley

June's Astrology Check In

June 2020 brings with it the gift of a triple eclipse gateway, starting with the Full Moon Eclipse on 5th June, filling us up to the New Moon Eclipse on the 21st and, closing it off full circle with the Full Moon Eclipse in early July.

Late June welcomes the Summer Solstice!

We also have lots of retrogrades & interesting planetary placements which all in all, make the energetic shifts both inspiring and intense at times!

5th June ~ Full Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius ♐️

A full moon illuminates our path, and with an eclipse, we are really centred on the right path. This might entail you being hoisted off and plonked into a new direction, but feel safe in the knowledge that this is the way home.

The inspiring energies of the moon are amplified now, and so are the emotions that she stirs… Sag brings some fiery energy, wildness and determination to move towards your destiny. Now is the time to fill your cup with your truest and most honest thoughts and feelings.

Allow this lunar activity to serve as a check in with your highest self and get you on course to success - you’ll gain some true perspective and confirmation that you are going in the right direction now.

Mars + Venus are going to continue to influence the emotions stirred by this moon, be careful and loving with your attitude toward others, remembering that everyone's heightened emotions may cause inner and outer conflicts that should be resolved and healed gently.

13th June ~ Last Quarter Moon in Pisces, and Neptune Mars Conjunction Squares The Sun

The last quarter moon in Pisces stirs up watery emotion and provides time for easing away and releasing anything that you were perhaps steered away from during the Full Moon.

Last quarter moons are all about letting go, so let go of any feelings that do not serve you and the greater good. How to 'let go' you ask? Piscean energy is creative and expressive, and with the Venus Gemini vibes still very present, your divine feminine will be keen to let her thoughts and feelings out! Write things down if that helps you unload, go for a walk, get out and dip your toes in the sea or the river, paint pictures, be creative with this Piscean energy if that is a good outlet for you.

We also have Neptune Conjunct Mars in Pisces, so alongside La Luna, this sign is very busy!

Neptune is at home in Pisces, for she rules this sign. Linked to the underwater God, this planet is all about spiritual growth, dream states and the subtle world, as well as a little deception, confusion and uncertainty. As Neptune is an outer planet, she moves slowly through the zodiac, taking approx 165 years to complete her cycle through the 12 Zodiac Signs. Her influence is not particularly personal because of this, it’s much more of a global shift & awakening.

She squares the Sun now, challenging collective thoughts and feelings; this is a chance to open our minds & level up, together.

Mars is a personal planet, meaning that he’s closer to the Earth and moves much more quickly through the signs. He is the God of War; he brings an aggression and motivation to achieve our goals, no hesitation. He is the divine masculine, he doesn’t think before taking action, he’s explosive and rules our sexual desires.

Neptune + Mars together will allow us to be expressive in our collective feelings. Together, they form an alliance and a balance of explosive energy and creative application. Keep your eyes peeled though, as Neptune can be deceptive - don't let your goals consume you or perhaps blind you to reality.

To that end, The Sun can represent authority; so under this umbrella would fall political leaders and global authority figures. Neptune and Mars are here to challenge that which is represented by the Sun, echoing the fact that we all have a voice and an instinctive intuition ~ direct your passion alongside others and collectively that voice is amplified and powerful.

18th June ~ Mercury Retrograde in Cancer

For just under 1 month, Mercury will retrograde. Mercury is the messenger planet and influences travel, communication, technology and so on. Whilst Merc is in Retro, we tend to be challenged in these areas which are influenced. A 'slowing down’ can be felt here. In the water sign of Cancer, we once again find that our emotions will be fully invested in our expression and our exchanges.

20th & 21st June ~ SUMMER SOLSTICE or Litha & Sun moves in to Cancer & New Moon in Cancer & Solar Eclipse ...& International Yoga Day (...busy weekend!)

Litha is the celebration of the solar shift and the longest day of the year, it’s celebrated globally (although it’s of course the Winter Solstice if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere!) and in many different ways, Yogis celebrate by practising Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar), often a delightfully repetitive 108 sun salutation practice is enjoyed during the summer solstice.

We are showered with another dose of Cancerian energy from this New Moon Solar Eclipse, as the move into Cancer season is upon us.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, so a wonderful New Moon Solar Eclipse in this sign is a real treat. Much like her ruling planet, Cancerian energy is maternal, loving, caring and comforting. She invites you in and holds you tight, giving you permission to be you, and courage to continue or start on the journey that feels intuitively right. Look back to your Full Moon feelings at the beginning of the month and reflect, this New Moon provides you with the opportunity to get clear and feel this new phase or attitude; like turning the page on a book, new moons and full moons are celestial checkpoints and eclipses are like a ‘level up’ checkpoint.

Retrogrades ~

Mercury from 18th, Neptune from 23rd, Venus until 25th, Saturn, Jupiter & Pluto all month!…

This is when it looks like a planet is moving backwards from our point of view here on earth, where their orbit is different than ours. This has some energetic effects whereby the astrological traits of the planet or its effects on us here on Earth might be challenged and slowed.

These conflicting and busy retrogrades can make you feel pulled in every which way at the moment; follow your gut and do nice things to ground and rebalance yourself. Self care leads to clarity.