• Karley

September Astro 🌝💛

Welcome to Virgo season! This month we recenter, we align our actions and words and utilise ruling planet Mercury’s alignment with the Sun in Virgo. This Earthy placement won’t budge on what’s wanted or needed now, so if you’re feeling like standing your ground about something - now’s a great time to get a bit stubborn to get your point across my friend! ...that being said, be careful not to let that stubbornness seep over into the realms of dismissing others thoughts and feelings.

Le Sol

On 22nd August, The Sun shifted his butt into Virgo Season for that re-centring dose of Earth energy that we might be in need of after nearly a month of scorching Leo vibes.

Virgo is an Earth sign who, like Gemini, is ruled by Mercury. This planetary ruling provides the ability to communicate and express creatively and clearly. Virgo is thoughtful and methodical, caring and hardworking, can sometimes be a touch over-analytical and has tendencies to get held up on the little details.

This season can see us slowing down as we move towards Autumn - think grounding, using your intellect and a newfound sharpness to your outlook.

Here comes Libra Season on the 22nd September, ready for us to all appreciate that wonderful overarching theme of B A L A N C E, which Libra brings to the table.

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, and as such embraces partnerships and enjoys material things. Libra seeks balance and symmetry in life, an Air sign with a mind that laps up information and learns well, always looking to expand understanding and dialogue.

Take Libra season as your opportunity to open your mind, to explore new things, to strike a harmonious balance in your relationships and your physical body. We’ll do well to invite standing balances into our Asana practise this month!

La Luna

Full Moon in Pisces ~ 2nd September

This Moon is here to remind us to invite softness in our emotions; freedom of expression and care.

The Full Moon in Pisces opposes The Sun in Virgo, this polarity is all about balance - maintaining the logical outward strength of mind and determination that Virgo presents, whilst remaining in touch with our subtle body, the emotional side of the coin that Pisces allows us to nourish.

Whilst The Sun in Virgo encourages us to take care of our physical wellbeing, our vessel of a bod that encases our soul, Pisces Full Moon encourages mental wellbeing. Dreamy and wistful Pisces is ruled by expansive Jupiter, a planet all about spiritual practice, growth and ascension. Use this lunar placement to serve your desire to explore the spiritual; get your tarot cards out, play with your crystals, explore a little ritual and even dip your toe into spell work!

Create your own abundance, and recall your New Moon intentions set with La Luna in Leo two weeks ago - how have your intentions progressed and grown, adapted to your current state of emotion and perhaps even shifted in perspective.

Now’s the peak of your creative gifts from La Luna for this cycle, and Pisces with her watery wonderfulness brings a wave of creative sparks - enjoy the bright moonlight and look forward to the rest of this cycle being about reflection and coming into stillness as we near the new moon once again.

Oh, and this one’s a ‘Corn Moon’ as we are nearing the Autumn Equinox, but not near enough for Harvest, so treat yourself to a big old batch of popcorn?!

Last Quarter Waning Moon in Gemini ~ 10th September

Here we are at the last quarter phase of this cycle, which kicked off with the fiery new moon in Leo and peaked with the watery full moon in Pisces, now we have a cooling breeze from airy Gemini, who brings the ‘back up’ needed to let go.

This phase is all about release, the last quarter moon allows us to reflect on what we aren’t quite reaching during this lunar phase, what we no longer need to hold on to (physically, mentally, emotionally) and doesn’t serve us now.

Gemini has a refreshing sense of flexibility, open-mindedness & free-thinking, this brings a sense of ease in letting go ~ recognising that there’s no sense in holding on to any bullshit, it doesn’t have a positive so why hold on?

Gemini keeps it simple: Does it serve me? No? Cool- see ya.

Remember, we’re talking emotions when discussing the moon, so consider now what you can release from your emotional vial and do it!

New Moon in Virgo ~ 17th September

Our New Moon in Virgo takes our attention to our environment and the ways in which it can affect our emotional state. How the physical body and our mental state are intertwined and completely connected, they are one!

Do you feel safe, do you feel that everything is in order, do you have a desire to sort something out that is on your mind, and how do you feel that that plays on your sense of clarity in your emotions?

If you’re looking for an intention to take through this next lunar phase, perhaps a focus on your environment is the right one now!

🌙 Take time over these few days to decide what you would change in your environment; this can be as simple as putting a shelf up, or as deep-rooted as looking for a new place to live, a different person to live with or maybe taking this outside of the home and to your workplace, social space or going really deep and considering your mental approach as its own environment!

🌙 Consider your thoughts about your wider environment; do you feel you could do more to take care of our home planet - if you do, then do it. Let your care and love for the world be healing to yourself and others. Our environmental footprint has an emotional effect and can be really felt by those that are energy sensitive… talk to your houseplants people! 🌱

🌙 Nothing is ‘perfect’, imperfections are necessary in order for us to see the beauty and wonder. Practice kindness in your approach, especially to yourself!

First Quarter Waxing Moon in Capricorn ~ 24th September

What was your new moon intention for this lunar phase? The Virgo New Moon prompted us to take control of our environment in order to feel emotionally balanced, organised and clear on what we want.

Now that the moon’s light is filling up, this first quarter phase is when you can really take actions towards that which you felt you needed or wanted.

Cap is logical and useful, so coming from Virgo to Cap, feels like a nice smooth and focused transition. Practice grounding in and listening to your very deepest truths - this Earthy start to the lunar cycle is helping us to feel centred and focussed.

Logic and emotion don’t have to be opposing qualities, they can work together in harmony. Allow yourself to listen to your feelings even if they don’t make sense, acknowledging them will allow you to sort through them and understand yourself better and better.

Take time for you and your goals during this lunar phase, as we bubble up to the Full Moon next week, you have the opportunity to hit the ground running. Embrace to-do lists!

Other Planetary Placements this Month

Venus in Leo ~ 6th

Your relationships are likely to be explosive and expressive now; this placement sees the ruling planet of love and relationships settling in in loud proud Leo.

Venus not only fuels our relationships and love, but also she plays into our values, attitude toward possession, pleasure and rules the sign of Taurus. In Leo, she is bold and strong.

Get romantic.

Be adventurous.

Express dramatically.

Enjoy those that you share love with.

Embrace the creative.

Share in passion projects.

And remember, you don’t have to be in a romantic relationship to feel love, it comes in all forms.

Practice self-love,

Tell your mama you love her, your papa you love him and your siblings you love them,

Tell your neighbour how much you appreciate them,

Surprise a friend with a bunch of flowers,

Give your pet a cuddle.

Mars Retrograde in home sign of Aries ~ 9th

Mars retro happens once every two years, as The God of War; he’s all action and explosion, he acts first without hesitation, he’s sex and desire.

Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and Scorpio, so he’s well at home here. Aries is the child of the zodiac and a fire sign, as such, can jump around new ideas and dive right in!

In Retrograde, we see actions slowing, a revisiting of where we place our energy and efforts. With this in mind, new projects might be slow starters but don’t despair - keep your efforts high and creativity will prosper now, we are fueled by Venus in Leo and Jupiter shortly stationing direct in Capricorn, we have an opportunity to pause from “doing” and instead get creative, play, refocus and establish new opportunities before taking action when Mars stations direct again in November. Think of this as the time to take inventory, the to-do lists and paperwork that is necessary amid all of the action in life.

The last time Mars stationed retrograde was back in June 2018; think back, what was going on for you then?

Enjoy this slowing, try to let the pace be what it needs to be and work on letting frustrations wash away.

Jupiter Station Direct in Capricorn ~ 12th

Having been retro since mid-May, we may have felt challenged in our ‘fortune’ - whatever that means for you.

Now comes this direct shift, where we can possibly find that we are gifted with useful assistance in the form of Capricorn-ish logic and new found clarity in our direction. This feels like a refreshing progression in the skies, creating a wave of forward movement for us Earth dwellers.

Mercury in Scorpio ~ 27th

Moving from Libra and settling into Scorpio, this close planet of communication is now helping us intertwine our emotions into our exchanges.

Scorpio is a water sign, she is dedicated and oh so passionate; ruled by Mars and bringing all of that action and excitement to the table.

Conversations surrounding emotional subjects may come easier during this placement, allow whatever needs to flow to flow and stand strong in your beliefs and opinions. Scorpio doesn’t take any crap and nor should you!

Saturn Direct in Capricorn ~ 28th

The change maker planet finally comes out of retrograde and moves direct in the sign of Cap for a few months whilst propelling it’s way towards Aquarius (look out change resistant amongst us!).

Saturn has been in Cap for the last few years, he popped into Aquarius earlier in the year (at the height of lockdown and when we were all being innovative and creative in our ways to operate and communicate), giving us an idea of what energies will come when he moves into Aquarius for nearly 2 years from December. Those of us in our late 20’s are likely to be heading into our Saturn return, so the next two years are going to be bringing some big and exciting changes, progressions, releases and shaping the future. @urbanwitchery described this to me as ‘like going to uni… but for the school of life’, which I thought was a perfect analogy!

But I’m getting ahead of myself... Due to it’s retrograde for many months this year, Saturn wandered back and is still in Cap, so for the present and the now, enjoy the logical organisation that Cap provides to this planetary placement, these next few months are a chance to do the prep work, get yourself organised and plan those long term things (I’m sure that we’ll hit a few road bumps over the next 2 years which will assist us in keeping us on the divine right track, so trust and go with it!).