• Karley

Sol & Luna ~ July 2020

As we move away from the heavy - and at some points overwhelming - energy that was felt throughout June, we are welcomed with loving arms into July.


The Sun remains in Cancer until later in the month, where he inspires us to be outwardly loving with acts of care for ourselves and our loved ones, Cancer is also a sign of deep emotional investment, so what we do with ourselves and the choices we make this month can really be felt at our core (especially since the New Moon eclipse in Cancer).

On the 1st July Uranus in Taurus Sextiles the Sun in Cancer, providing a friendly and gentle dose of grounding clarity from Taurus so that we don’t allow our emotions to cloud our judgement. Uranus gives you a tap on the shoulder and says ‘hey, have ya seen that?!’, allowing you to challenge norms and widen your vision.

On the 23rd July, The Sun enters Leo and zaps us all into action with fiery energy and a prideful attitude; this sign encourages us to play hard and love fiercely, it’s a great zodiacal season if you’re in need of a confidence boost and a little self-indulgence! It’s my shameless favourite as it’s my sun sign and my yoga biz namesake (Simha translates to Lion in Sanskrit, and The Lion is the symbol for Leo).

Time to embody the energy of a Lion or Lioness and stroll through life with your chest pumped up, your gaze held high and a sassy hip flick that exudes confidence and charisma.


Full Moon in Capricorn & Lunar Eclipse 5th July

The last of our triple eclipse gateway and the Full Moon in Capricorn brings an opportunity for clarity in our emotions, Cap has the ability to see a situation for what it is and with the lunar light shining on your deepest depths, this is a time for uncovering things. A full moon brings an opportunity for ‘casting a light on your inner truths’, or more, feeling it out! This can be a highly emotional time, spent discovering things that perhaps you’re not so clear on; but of course with an eclipse, energies are somewhat skewed - in a positive way! You might find that the shadow cast by the Earth upon The Moon requires us to take an extra careful look at things, delve even deeper still and result in a better understanding of yourself and your emotional reaction to someone or something.

Invite change in, because growth and change go hand in hand!

Other planetary aspects that influence the energies of this full moon include:

  • The obvious opposition of The Sun (ego, masculine, physical self) in Cancer and The Moon (emotional, feminine, spiritual self) in Capricorn. A conscious balance of yin/yang and emotional respect vs logical progress.

  • The Sun conjuncts with Mercury, opposition with The Moon, giving us a dose of creative and expressive vibes; we might find ourselves wishing to be more loud and proud during this conjunction, but try not to be too loud when speaking about others! Keep your thoughts honest and speak the truth, memories can become cloudy with The Moon in this opposition, so a great time to journal to keep yourself aware and honest.

  • Sun, Mercury & Moon Square Mars; physically, Mars inspires strength and power but conflicting feelings and indecisiveness can lead to exhaustion now. Be sure to focus your energies into what you know to be right, avoid confrontation and take time to consider a situation before blowing it out of proportion.

Last Quarter Moon in Aries ~ 12th July

Last quarter Moons are a time of decompression; we’re letting go and practising forgiveness, the intensity of the full moon can begin to calm now as the feelings that came up for us can begin to wash away, particularly given that we are coming off of a triple eclipse.

Aries is the child of the zodiac, this fire sign is all about impulsiveness, free-thinking and playfulness. With the last quarter Moon in this sign, we are encouraged to L E T I T G O.



Let go.

Explore lightness.

Find Freedom.

New Moon in Cancer ~ 20th July

Once again we have a new moon in the sign of Cancer, this is a second homecoming for the Moon; she’s the ruling planet of the Zodiacal sign of Cancer so can settle in, kick off her heels in and get comfortable here.

This is a real fresh one; as the last moon cycle was weighted with solar and lunar eclipses. La Luna brings another chance to remember what intentions were set at the last new moon, and perhaps to realign and refocus those intentions with the clarity of the full moon in Capricorn under your belt.

Allow your subconscious to flourish and your emotional intelligence to explore wherever your mind takes you.

The biggest lesson with this New Moon is to practice kindness for yourself. Perhaps, that is your intention, and it’s a good and valuable one.

I read an analogy about self-care the other day; I forget where, but whoever it was talked of the rule about putting your oxygen mask on before helping children and those in need of assistance, and that we should practice the same with self-care ~ because what use are we to the world and the ones we love if we’re not happy and healthy ourselves, right?