• Karley

Yoga for each Sign of the Zodiac

Here is a short run down of information about each zodiac sign as well as some poses (Asanas) that you might come to love and enjoy based on your sun sign, or rising sign! These are also lovely to integrate into your practice during the relevant zodiacal season.

It should be noted that you are not defined by your astrological placements, but understanding them can provide much insight into yourself and your relationships with others - astrology can be a wonderful guidebook to life. If you don’t really resonate with your sun sign, I’d highly encourage you to look up your chart to understand your rising and moon signs, as well as the rest of your placements - there are plenty of free resources online!

I have referred to the signs as ‘he’ and ‘she’ relative to their masculine or feminine energy; both of which exist in all of us spiritually, aside from our physically identified gender - think yin/yang, both exist in order to achieve balance.

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The child of the zodiac and the first fire sign, Aries breeds energy and action, never sitting still for too long and enjoying the challenges of life. He is passionate, a natural leader and action orientated; diving into things head first without giving potential consequences a second thought, which usually pays off thanks to his confident nature.

The symbol for Aries is The Ram and its ruling planet is warrior Mars.

Asana: Headstand ~ Sirsasana

This pose requires us to think less and do more. It’s mind over matter. Usually, the thing holding people back from holding a strong and steady Sirsasana is the worry of falling. Aries doesn’t worry about that, they rise up with strength and courage and enjoy the process of firing up and going, well, head first.


The Bull, the first of the earth signs and the natural born mother. Taureans are romantic and loving, ruled by Venus the planet of love and connection.

She is the embodiment of Pachamama and will not falter on what she feels to be right. She is responsible, sometimes stubborn but ultimately completely devoted.

Asana: Tadasana

This pose is the grounding foundation for all of our standing poses. We come here to reset and realign, to feel stable and supported, we anchor into the earth and feel the connection from root to crown.


Mercury ruled Gemini are all about communication and ideas. He is curious to learn, caring and generous. The symbol is The Twins, and as such we can see a dual personality in Gemini folk. As an air sign, there’s a refreshing sense of flexibility, open mindedness & free thinking.

Pranayama: Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana)

Inviting in fresh air and creating equilibrium in both sides of the body, this breathing exercise is suitable for all times of day and encourages not only physical and spiritual balance, but also trains us to lengthen the breath and use our nose, rather than mouth to breathe.


The home maker, the crab ~ water signs are generally heart led, their emotions rule and as such, they invest loving energy into what they do; particularly when talking about the family, home and loved ones. She is caring, will invite you into her safe space and offer you what’s needed, she is ruled by the moon, and Lunar energy is all about Divine Feminine and cyclical patterns and feelings.

Asana: Wheel (Urdhva Dhanurasana / Chakrasana)

Appropriately named ‘The Crab’ in modern gymnastics, this asana ignites the chakras for optimal Pranic flow. This Heart Opener also serves as a strengthening inversion to get the blood flowing in new directions and shake out tired and stagnant emotional energy.


He is courageous, strong, the leader of the pack and the star of the show. Outgoing, confident and stands for what he believes in. The symbol for this sign is The Lion, a fire sign injecting energy and passion into all that he undertakes, he is ruled by the sun and thrives in the spotlight, but underlying fear and egotistical tendencies can be his challenges.

Asana & Pranayama: Lions Pose & Lions Breath / Roaring Lion (Simhasana)

Another obvious winner for Leo; this asana & pranayama dynamic duo provides a gentle opening of the hips, a wrist stretch and a beautiful wash of the vocal cords. It stimulates the throat chakra and is a fantastic release for pent up anxiousness/aggression/feelings you wish to expel!


This Earth sign is another ruled by Mercury, giving her the ability to communicate and express creatively and clearly. She is thoughtful and methodical in her approach, Virgo is caring and hardworking, she can sometimes be a touch over analytical and has tendencies to get held up on the little details.

Asana: Warrior 2 (Virabhadrasana II)

She is a fierce warrior; strong, steady and focussed. This pose allows us to ground in fully, and find steadiness in our gaze and being. Virgo gains clarity when she takes the time to ground in and exchange Earth energy.


The Scales; Libra is another sign ruled by Venus and as such embrace partnerships and enjoy material things. Libra seeks balance and symmetry in life, he is an Air sign with a mind that laps up information and learns well, always looking to expand his understanding and dialogue.

Asana: Eagle (Garudasana)

Balance is key to this pose; centring the gaze to find Drishti (focal point) and drawing energy to the midline. The breath is a key tool for finding stability in stillness.

Libra takes a moment in this pose to fill up the lungs, recenter and appreciate his balanced nature.


Ruled by both Mars (warrior planet of action & sexual desire) and Pluto (‘God of the Underworld’, a planet of passion and will), this sign is all action, adventure and intense energy, a true force to be reckoned with. This water sign is not afraid to get into it and feel the emotions of a situation first hand, she is a true and dedicated friend that will defend her loved ones fiercely, but will not stand for being lied to or disrespected.

Asana: Scorpion (Vrschikasana) or 3 Legged Dog (Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana)

Scorpion Pose is a very advanced backbend & forearm stand, it’s playful and strong, opens the shoulders and chest to shine the heart open, but remains shielded and protected with the draped feet overhead. Scorpio will protect her heart, but isn’t afraid to have a play with opening it.

An alternative would be to practice 3 Legged Dog, with a bent knee, shining the hips to the long side of your mat and allowing your foot, or scorpion tail, to drape behind you. Opening the hips, where we store our "emotional baggage", and keeping the shoulders stable, protecting the heart.


He is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansive growth and spiritual teachings, he is the natural born traveller - keen to explore far and wide and curious to learn. He is a fire sign with an open mind, a happy heart and an enthusiasm for all things new and exciting! He’ll inspire laughter and joy with his bubbly personality.

Asana: Standing Archer Pose (Tadasana Akarna Dhanurasana)

This is a fun pose to dispel stagnant energy, it incorporates some breathwork as we release arrows with explosive energy up high; signifying Sagittarius’ ‘aim high’ attitude, with the sky as the limit. Taking 5 Pointed Star pose (Utthita Tadasana) in between for a little extra invigorating and injection of energy is a lovely little insert to your practice, to celebrate Sagittarius energy.

In Kundalini Kriyas this pose is practised in a warrior stance, it can also be taken seated using your leg as your bow and arrow.


An Earth sign with a responsible outlook and a successful life! She is highly practical and ...a little stubborn. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is highly logical. She’ll succeed at whatever she puts her mind too, and knows where to focus her energy for optimal performance. She’s a highly relied upon employee or business owner, able to make the tough calls to see the bigger picture and what’s best for the collective.

Asana: Crow Pose (Bakasana)

Strong & stable; this pose requires focus, flexibility and steady breath. Firmly planting the palms into the ground and clawing with the fingertips, Capricorn focuses and utilises strength of will to lift into this pose.


The symbol for Aquarius is ‘The Water Bearer’, and so he is often mistaken for a water sign; he is in fact an air sign ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Uranus brings timid yet rebellious energy, you’ll think he is shy but get him in his element and he’ll shout from the rooftops; you’ll find him inviting humanitarian acts and seeking freedom from every corner. This sign is independent and free thinking; he can struggle with emotions, hence compartmentalising and holding emotions (water) separate from his physical being.

Asana: Forward Fold (Uttanasana)

This is a pose I recommend everybody practice daily, it allows stagnant energy in the spine to melt away, loosens the hamstrings (which are so often tight thanks to our desk jobs and daily driving commutes). Aquarius enjoys the time to pause, and think. Tipping his crown to the earth to allow fresh blood to the brain, sparking fresh thoughts and ideas. Folding into himself, he can take a moment to release then rise again, transformed and with new space in the back body to move freely without constriction.


The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces are ruled by the Neptune and Jupiter. Neptune is the ‘God of The Sea’, think dreamy and highly intuitive by nature. She is deeply emotional, romantic and ever so compassionate, gifting her with the expressive creativity of a natural born artist.

Asana: Fish (Matseyasana)

This pose usually comes after a shoulder stand in a sequence, as a counter pose to open the heart back up and embrace the natural curve of the spine. It is also a stimulant for the Throat Chakra, which is where we hold our ‘expressiveness’; opening this space nourishes our creative outlets.