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Yoga Asana, Oracles & Nidra

Saturday 22nd February 2020
10am - 12:30
£20 per person

Treat yourself (or someone you love) to a little slice of bliss.  This workshop is a chance for you to reset, hone your intentions and indulge in some much deserved rest and relaxation. 


Upon arrival, you’ll be invited to choose an oracle card to assist you in setting your intention for your practice and recognise what you need or want ‘right now’. 


We will meditate, practice some pranayama (breathing exercises) and get into our yummy asana practice.  We’ll work through a dynamic sequence, shifting stagnant energy and flowing like water to embrace the playfulness of the Pisces season! 


To end our asana practice, we will cuddle up nice and cosy in savasana for a Yoga Nidra session. Yoga Nidra translates roughly to ‘Yogic Sleep’, in which I will guide you through a deep relaxation and meditation whilst you lie down (blankets provided!) and completely relax; moving away from your sensory stimulants and allowing you to travel deeper into your subconscious.  The body sleeps whilst the mind is active. The practice of Yoga Nidra is incredibly beneficial, for cognitive health and particularly those that struggle to ‘switch off’, perhaps suffering from insomnia and/or anxiety. 


When you wake from your Yoga Nidra, you’ll be provided with a warm cup of cacao & a sweet treat, all will be vegan but please let me know if you have any other dietary requirements at the time of booking. 


This is a beautiful valentines gift to yourself, to give yourself the time to cultivate your own self love and self care. Or, perhaps a thoughtful gift for your loved one, a beautiful morning you can share together instead of a conventional dinner date.




Saturday 22nd February 2020

10am - 12:30pm 

£20 per person


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